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Dear Friends,

We all know the examples from the campaign trail only too well.  There was "Cleavage-gate."  Then the reference to "looking like everyone's first wife."  And the now infamous nutcrackers sold at airport newsstands. These incidents - and many more like them - were appalling on their own, but it was perhaps even more disturbing that the Democratic Party never came to the defense of one of its own primary candidates.  Now is your chance to demand that the Party stop the silence on sexism! 
The Democratic Party is holding "listening meetings" around the country from now until July 27th to solicit input on what should be included in the 2008 National Platform.

Based on the feedback we received from you, WomenCount has written language for the Platform on stamping out gender bias in the media and politics.  We will wage a battle -- with your help -- to make sure it is included.  Please let us know if you're willing to attend a meeting in your local area to stop the silence on sexism!

Sign-up to attend a Listening Meeting                          

WomenCount will arm you with an action plan and talking points to take to the Platform listening meeting. With just your email and zip code we'll be able to send you all the info you need, including the location of meetings closest to you.

We need your help to stop the silence on sexism and make sure that there is no room for sexism in politics or the media!  
We can't do this without you.

Jehmu Greene, Stacy Mason, Rosemary Camposano, and the WomenCount team
PS - If you are unable to attend a meeting, you can still view our proposed Platform language.

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