WomenCount PAC

About Us       

WomenCount PAC was created on May 12, 2008. Our story is one of passion and determination.

A group of women who had traveled together around the country to campaign for Hillary Clinton were feeling frustrated about calls for her to withdraw from the race. She had just won the Pennsylvania primary by 10 points and scored a come-from-behind victory in Indiana.

During the weekend that followed the Indiana primary we wrote our first “Not So Fast” ad, voicing our unwavering support for Hillary and calling for the race to continue until “every vote is cast and every vote is counted.” That Monday, we had a discussion about how to fund the ads in newspapers around the country. One possibility was to pay for it individually by one or a few people, but we all agreed that the ad spoke for women all around the country -- and so it should be funded that way.

So we quickly set up WomenCount, a political action committee, to “ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women have their values and votes counted in the political process.” Beginning that same afternoon we sent around e-mails to our friends and other Hillary supporters and started to spread the word by phone.

Within 24 hours, we had nearly $100,000 in contributions, and within 48 hours, we had over $200,000. We were able to run ads in USA Today, the New York Times, and regional papers in Kentucky and Oregon. Contributions ranged from $20 to $5,000. Our ads – and our story – have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Fox, local news, and the list goes on. In print, we appeared in Time magazine and the New York Times, among others. Click here to see some of those press clips.

In the weeks that followed, we raised nearly $500,000 and had several hundred supporters in our database. We ran two additional ads and made contributions to six different women candidates for Congress. We also partnered with “Count Every Vote” to organize a rally in Washington, DC, outside of the DNC Rules Committee’s hearing on how to count the votes in Michigan and Florida.

We continue to spread our message advocating to count our votes, our values, and our voices. And we are still raising funds to support our advertising campaigns. Please e-mail us at info@womencountpac.com to be on our mailing list and hear about our plans. And please consider a contribution by clicking on the Contribute button above to support our next ad.

Here are brief bios on our founding members:

Allida Black is research professor of history and international affairs at the George Washington University, where she directs the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers and Human Rights Project. She also serves as a director of The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, a New York-based committee to encourage pro-choice Democratic women to run for local office, and as a senior advisor to www.VoteBoth.com. She lives in Arlington, Va.

Susie Tompkins Buell is the co-founder of ESPRIT. Since selling her business in 1996 she has been heavily involved in political activities. A longtime friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton’s, her main focus is to support and encourage women to enter the political arena as she believes the imbalance of men and women in government is the cause of many of our problems. She has two daughters and five grandchildren and lives in Bolinas, Calif., with her husband.

Rosemary Camposano (Communications Director, WomenCount PAC) is a former communications and public relations executive working in Silicon Valley for such companies as Motorola, Oracle, Seagate, 3Com, and others.  After eight years at home raising her son, she became impassioned about the rapid deterioration of American civil liberties and has become active politically as a result. She lives in Los Altos, Calif., with her husband and son.

Jehmu Greene served as president of “Rock the Vote” from 2000 to 2005. She currently serves as a political and pop culture commentator on such shows as The O'Reilly Factor, MTV News, the Daily Show, Inside Politics, and Anderson Cooper 360.  She has been recognized as one of Essence Magazine’s 40 Women Under 40 Shaping The World and has received a number of awards from national women’s groups for her devotion to service.

Stacy Mason (Executive Director, WomenCount PAC) is the former editor-in-chief of Roll Call, the newspaper that covers the U.S. Congress. She has also previously worked at The Economist in London researching and launching new publishing ventures as part of the Development team. Most recently, she worked as Associate Publisher of The Federal Paper, a start-up newspaper focusing on the White House and politics. She lives in Palo Alto, Calif., with her husband and three children.

Amy Rao founded Integrated Archive Systems in June 1994 and serves as its CEO. She also devotes much of her time to raising awareness about climate change, global warming and environmentally friendly habits in both the workplace and home.  President of the 11th Hour Project, Amy also serves as chairwoman of the board at The Regeneration Project and sits on the Advisory Boards of E2 and Emerge America.  She is married and lives with her 5 children in Palo Alto, Calif.