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Stop the silence on sexism!
(July 21, 2008)

And the winner is.....
(July 18, 2008)

It's time for you to decide
(July 11,2008)

(July 3, 2008)

Join Our Movement: Together we will
shatter the ceiling!

(July 1, 2008)

Help us keep our voices strong. Still need
help to run new ad: "Join Our Movement"
(June 19, 2008)

Need your help to fund important new ad!
(June 12, 2008)

Our work is not over
(June 9, 2008)

"You still aren't listening."
(June 3, 2008)

The moment is now upon us, upon you
(May 29, 2008)

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Press Releases

Ludacris Gets an Earful From WomenCount:
Group demands apology from artist and immediate action from Party leaders

(July 30, 2008)

WomenCount Launches ‘Stop the Silence’ Campaign Calling for Platform Language on
Sexism in Media

Supporters Turn Out in Force to Attend Party ‘Listening Meetings’

(July 24, 2008)

WomenCountPAC Comes Out With a BANG on July 4th: Group to Relaunch as MoveOn for Women
(July 3, 2008)

WomenCount PAC Launches New Ad:
“You’re STILL not listening!"

(June 3, 2008)

WomenCount and Committee to Count Every Vote ’08 release statement on RBC decision
(June 1, 2008)

WomenCount and Count Every Vote ’08 Rally
Organizers announce speakers for
DNC RBC rally May 31st Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Kim Gandy and others to speak at rally

(May 29, 2008)

WomenCount PAC Makes First Donations
To Four Incumbents, One Open-Seat Candidate

(May 29, 2008)

WOMENCOUNT PAC Responds To Obama Campaign’s Accusations of “creating chaos” At Saturday Rally
(May 29, 2008)

(May 20, 2008)

WomenCount PAC Denounces NARAL Endorsement of Barack Obama
(May 16, 2008)

WomenCount Raises $170k in Two Days for HRC Ad
(May 14, 2008)


WomenCount in the News

WomenCount PAC Shifts Focus from Clinton to Issues (Congressional Quarterly)

"Maddow, Ferraro on Gender Factor"
(NBC, The Today Show)

Not So Fast
(Taylor Marsh)

"What Does Hillary Want?"
(Time Magazine)

Hating Hillary

For Some Clinton Supporters, Sexism Is the Only Explanation
(ABC News)

Political Punch: Women For Hillary
(ABC News Blog)

Ore., Ky. primaries latest to shape race
(USA Today)

'WomenCount' says it's too soon to count Clinton out (USA Today Blog)

Not so fast, Clinton supporters say
(Boston Globe)

WomenCount PAC Says, 'Not so fast' ... to the Media, Obama and the Democratic Party
(International Business Times)

San Francisco's Buell launches pro-Clinton PAC (PolitickerCA.com)