WomenCount PAC


June 9, 2008


Dear friends of WomenCount PAC,

For all of us, this has been a difficult week. We, like you, are listening to our hearts, searching our brains, and deliberating where we go from here.

Here is what we know:

First, Hillary’s loss in the primary does not in any way defeat her vision or undercut our respect for her. Indeed, it reinforces our commitment to her, her values, and the wisdom and conviction she would have brought to the job she so courageously sought.

Second, Hillary showed us how to lead. Hillary showed us how to stand erect and proud in the face of constant onslaught. Her dignity, strength, and grace through this election made all of us stronger, kinder, and more determined to act.

And most important of all, Hillary challenged us to continue the fight for what we hold so dear: health care for everyone, a good start for our children, a sound economy, a strong foreign policy, and a smart energy policy, to name just a few.

Hillary said she wanted to be president to address the needs of those Americans who too often are “invisible.” Well, now, we must not be invisible. We must speak, act and organize to make sure that our vision is respected and our values are addressed.

WomenCount PAC, through our advertising campaign, has done just that and we intend to continue. We want to publish another ad the end of this week, and we need your help.

If you have already contributed and can give again, please do. If not, please consider a contribution to support our effort. Go to www.womencountpac.com for instructions on giving.

We have talked throughout the campaign about our votes and our voices and the importance of being heard. Now, more than ever, we must shout from the rooftops why 18 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. Please, join our proud, defiant chorus!


The WomenCount PAC Team 

WomenCount PAC was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women  have their values and votes counted in the political process. So far in the 2008 election cycle, WomenCount has run a series of ads related to the presidential campaign and made contributions to several women candidates for Congress.

Contributions to WomenCount PAC are not tax-deductible. Contributions will be used in federal elections, and are subject to federal law regarding prohibited sources and limits. Contributions to WomenCount PAC are limited to $5,000 per calendar year. Contributions from corporations and labor unions are prohibited. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.