WomenCount PAC


June 19, 2008


Dear Friends,

We need your help because we think our next ad is so important. We've updated the content to react to some recent news and also to respond to so much of your feedback.

It has been nearly two weeks since Senator Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee. During this time, the 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have continued to ask questions and raise important issues but there is in general a lack of satisfaction with the response.
The new headline now says, "Join our movement," and advocates for the Democratic Party and its nominee to address the following issues: gender bias in the campaign, reform of the nominating process, health care for everyone, a plan to increase the number of women in elected office, and representing the 18 million voters who supported Hillary.

It is so critical that we send our message powerfully in the next few days. We are hoping to run the ad in the New York Times just as soon as we raise the necessary funds. We're about three-quarters of the way there. Please help us cross the finish line.

We're also excited to tell you that you can now register as an official supporter of WomenCount PAC. Just go to our web site to register or to contribute to this next ad campaign -- www.womencountpac.com.

Join Our Movement!

The WomenCount PAC Team


WomenCount PAC was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women  have their values and votes counted in the political process. So far in the 2008 election cycle, WomenCount has run a series of ads related to the presidential campaign and made contributions to several women candidates for Congress.

Contributions to WomenCount PAC are not tax-deductible. Contributions will be used in federal elections, and are subject to federal law regarding prohibited sources and limits. Contributions to WomenCount PAC are limited to $5,000 per calendar year. Contributions from corporations and labor unions are prohibited. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.